Bingo Apps – Play Mobile Wherever and Whenever!

Over the years, bingo has gone from a favourite pastime for elderly people to the perfect entertainment for players of all ages who like playing on their smartphones and tablets. Playing on the go has introduced some unique innovations, so you may play not only any moment you like, but you can enjoy a variety of handy features that are regularly updated to provide the best gaming experience. Mobile bingo lets you explore the variety of themes in the interactive lobby, switch between the tabs and pass away the time by playing a game from the splendid selection of side and mini games. The vast majority of the apps are packed with a cashier section, auto-dabber and an in-built chat window, so that will help you get the maximum enjoyment out of the play. There's a whole world of great apps out there waiting for you to explore them, so our mission is to provide in-depth reviews and help you find the best one for your needs. Here are the top of them for your smartphone or tablet:

Bingo App Software Bonus Games Devices Bingo Rooms Download
Dragonfish £60 90/75/5-Line Android ios 25 888Ladies app
Dragonfish £55 90/75/5-Line Android ios 21 Wink for mobile
Virtue Fusion £40 90/75/80/Special Android ios 28 Gala Bingo on the go
Microgaming £40 90/75 Android ios 6 Dream application
Virtue Fusion £40 90/75/80/Special Android ios Blackberry 24 Mecca Bingo for mobile
Microgaming £40 90/75/Immortal Romance Android ios 6 Betway Bingo app

Which App Is Best for Your Mobile Device

There's a whole world of amazing applications but how to tell whether they are good for your phone? As industry experts, we've carefully reviewed the ones that we recommend to you. We have rated and reviewed a vast majority of those available in the market and hand-picked the best offers. Out of all which we tested, Joy of Bingo's and Virtue Fusion's apps are some of the best we used. We choose the best mobile sites that will suit your needs, depending on the operating system of your device. Check the suggestions below and find the perfect match for your phone!

Best Mobile Additions for Android

As a player, you should already know that its mobile version is available for the majority of the smartphones and tablets. If you're looking for a good native or web app, then we have a few picks that will grab your attention. Android users are privileged with the widest choice available for their devices. There are heaps of Android apps on the market but what are the things to consider before start playing?

Well, we strive for serving you the best apps for Android devices, so we've got two excellent suggestions for you to try:

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The Positive Sides of Playing on iPhones and iPads

As soon as the mobile bingo was launched, many apps have come out for Apple devices before Android. iOS users tend to have higher expectations for the look and feel of the apps they use, so if you own an Apple device, you can rest assured that you'll have a number of top-quality choices, including native apps available for download from the Apple store. Here are some of the less-known positives of playing on iOS device:

Overall, the iOS apps are all great quality providing for a variety of enjoyable bingo and side games. We've chosen two winners that will tick your boxes when it comes to playability and winning opportunities. Both operators have native apps, in case you prefer playing offline.

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Mobile Sites that Work on Blackberry and Windows

TThere's no doubt that the apps for Android and iOS are the trendiest and most sought-after. Still, players with Blackberry and Windows devices are not neglected. There are some bingo apps available for the less popular platforms, too. When you search for a bingo app to play on your Blackberry or Nokia, you should consider the fact that finding one to suit your phone or tablet guarantees for great gaming quality. The Bingo operator who've gone the extra mile to support the rarely-used platforms, usually provide elite services and can be trusted.

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How We Prepared Our List of Apps

We applied certain criteria before we choose the best apps for different devices. A good app starts with the right selection of bingo games that will be suitable for all kind of players. That said, when selecting the best mobile sites for bingo, we strived for finding the ultimate application that will suit the taste of the majority of the players. You can use our criteria in case you want to search a place on your own.

General Tips and Tricks to Make the Best Use of the Mobile Features

Pre-Buy. You should make sure that you're well-acquainted with the available jackpots. Once you choose the games with the highest jackpots, you can use the pre-buy option and purchase as many tickets as you like. Thus, there's no need to be online by the time the game starts.

Bulk-in. Another thing to consider is that you can guarantee better results when you purchase more tickets. Here comes the necessity to use the 'bulk-in' option that will let you buy more tickets at a time.

Free Bingo. The majority of the apps offer freebies on a daily basis as well as in the Newbie room. Some operators offer free games with real prizes in the form of bonus funds that will increase your winning opportunities.

BOGOF, 1TG & 2TG. Look out for these special deals that may double your winning odds. Having more tickets means more chances to hit the jackpot. BOGOF deals provide extra free tickets when you purchase one card. Games with 1TG and 2TG give extra prizes for players who's close to shouting BINGO.

Keeping the Storage of Your Phone

We already mentioned that downloading too many apps on your device may overload your phone memory, so if you're running out of free space, it's better to choose the option where you can play from your mobile browser. Thus, if you have plenty of free storage, you can download the software and play offline.

Mind Your Mobile Internet Connection

When playing on the phone, you should make sure that you have stable internet connection. It means that you should either make sure you've got a good Wi-Fi signal or, at least, decent 3G traffic. You should consider the fact that in case your internet connection stops, you'll be disconnected from the game. Though, most bingo operators have designed their apps with that issue in mind. So, in case you're disconnected, your participation in the game is guaranteed and if you've won, you'll be notified first thing you're back on the track.

Watch Out for Your Battery

Along with the risk of being disconnected from the mobile game because of poor internet connection, you can be disconnected because your battery is low. So, before you start playing, make sure to lower the brightness of the screen. This will decrease the consumption of your battery with about 30%. Plus, you should make sure that you've closed any other apps or programs that might be running at the same time and consume the energy of your phone. Last but not least, you can consider turning off any sounds and vibrations that may additionally overload your battery consumption.